Access the Automotive industry’s best place to connect OEM & Dealers 1st party audiences with media companies and publishers 1stparty audiences.  

Next Generation AdTech

Harness the power of 1st  party data

Start selling. Stop guessing. 

At Automotive Media Marketplace, we seamlessly bridge the gap between OEM & Dealer Data Collection + Onboarding and connect it to Publisher Addressability. Our platform is designed to facilitate the exchange of valuable insights, enabling a smoother flow of information between key players in the automotive industry.

Experience the evolution of automotive advertising with our Next Generation AdTech solutions. We empower businesses to harness the immense power of 1st party data, providing a data-driven approach to advertising that ensures precision and effectiveness. 

Say goodbye to guesswork and uncertainty. At Automotive Media Marketplace, we empower you to start selling with confidence. Our platform helps you identify and target your audience accurately, eliminating the need for guesswork in your marketing strategies. 

Explore the possibilities at Automotive Media Marketplace and be a part of shaping the future of automotive advertising. Connect with OEMs, Dealers, media companies, and publishers in a dynamic marketplace that thrives on innovation, collaboration, and the strategic use of 1st party data. 

Ready to revolutionize your approach to automotive advertising? Join us today! 

End to End Identity, Activation, and Attribution

Connecting the Dots: From OEM & Dealer Onboarding Data to Publisher Addressability

Onboarding Data

Make it easy and simple for an OEM and dealer to bring their previous customers, leads, and new shopper audiences to activate in the marketplace.

Built-in Identity

Robust identity solutions embedded within the platform ensure accurate targeting, personalization, and audience fidelity.

Publisher Maximization

Optimize audience reach and message impact by speaking to in-market intenders when they're actively shopping.

Measuring Attribution

Connect all audience and advertising efforts to tangible sales and service outcomes most relevant to the automotive industry.

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